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Stella Kids Spring Summer 2020 is naturally playful


Stella Kids Spring Summer 2020 gets back to playtime’s roots – spent outside, exploring and being exposed to the incredible power of plants. From tumbling in the grass to stopping to smell the flowers, the next generation of eco-warriors is learning first-hand how green is great and to be kind to Mother Nature.

Having high-energy fun under the South African sun, we see little people getting into big adventures in a rich, natural environment. Girls’ summer dresses are bursting with playful prints and boys’ summer outfits are blooming with vibrant colours. Our Stella Kids Spring Summer 2020 pieces are perfect for a holiday – though they will want to wear them every day.

In keeping with our sustainable commitment, this season’s kids’ swimwear is made with recycled nylon and polyester. Many pieces are also created with organic cotton that uses up to 70% less water and no toxic chemicals – ensuring we can keep our world green and clean for generations to come.

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